From outside London from the South

Come up the M2 or M20/A20 and then the A102 through the Blackwall Tunnel. Even if you approach from the opposite side of London, most people will find it quicker, easier and less frustrating to drive round the M25 to get to the M2 at M25 Junction 3 or the A20 at M25 Junction 2.

On the A102, take signs for the A12 Dalston, Hackney and then A106 Dalston, Hackney, Clapton.

At the foot of the slip road, follow the signs for Bethnal Green, which will take you up Victoria Park Road with the park on your left. (Victoria Park Road is one-way going west. This is a place where you might go wrong, so go slowly. Keep to the left and follow the road round a very slight left fork - avoid a fairly tight left just before the park.)

After just over half a mile there is a roundabout, turn right and park as soon as it's safe.

This road is Lauriston Road. WORKSHOP is on the right side of the road, about 30 yards from the roundabout.